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20 On The Rise is a celebration of individuals who are making waves and raising the tide, rocking their respective industries through hard work and creativity hosted by HoneyBook.

This isn’t a popularity contest nor is it a ‘most liked’ list. 20 On The Rise is a curated list of 20 rising stars in 6 categories nominated by you and selected based on: empowerment, impact, purpose, and passion.



What is the criteria for nominees?

Nominees must identify as a member of the creative or freelance economy—an individual who uses their skills or creative passion to generate income.


  • Age: Nominees must be at least 18 years old.
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination: Submissions that contain or support an individual that promotes bullying, belittling, or expressing prejudice against, attacking or belittling a member or a group of people based on race, gender identity, color, religion, age, nationality, physical or mental disability, marital status, ancestry, veteran status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation will be disqualified.
do they need to be full time?

No! They can be full time, part-time, side-hustle CEOs, weekend warriors, and everything in between.


We are looking for individuals who believe in inclusivity, community over competition, and exemplify our Lift All Boats Policy + Core Values.

What does it mean to Lift All Boats?

Providing support, education, and guidance to their community as they build a business that they love. They believe in inclusivity, being better together, and empowerment through education.

What are OUR Core Values?
  • People come first
  • We go the extra mile
  • We love what we do
  • We are fearless
  • We are family
Who is eligible for this list?

Anyone in the creative, freelance, and/or small business economy who falls under the following categories:

  • Designers - (e.g. graphic designers, product designers, industrial designers)
  • Product makers - (e.g. painters, potters, fiber artists, illustrators)
  • Image makers (e.g. photographers, videographers, vloggers)
  • Coaches and consultants - (business coaches, lawyers for creatives, finance experts)
  • Marketing experts - (e.g. copywriters, pr experts, marketing strategists, content curators)
  • Event professionals - (e.g planners, stylists, catering, musicians)
How will the list be chosen?

Our team will review each nomination to identify creatives on the rise who embody our core values and mission. We will review based on the following criteria:

  • Empowerment: Are they empowering others to thrive?
  • Impact: Are they making an impact on the local or global community?
  • Purpose: Rather than focusing on follower counts and subscribers, we’re looking for individuals whose businesses are built with intention and are purpose driven. No “k” required.
  • Passion: Do they love what they do?

While multiple nominations of the same individual may be taken into account, please keep in mind that this list is not dependent on the amount of times an individual has been nominated.

Will there be voting once creatives have been nominated?

The heart behind this list is to celebrate those who deserve recognition. This is not based on popularity or bots bringing in votes. For that reason, there will not be a voting round. Real people, our team, will be reviewing each nomination.

Will preferential treatment be given to certain members?

Simply put—no. While our Rising Tide leaders and HoneyBook members exemplify our core values, it is not a requirement to be a local chapter leader or HoneyBook member to be nominated or chosen. We will be evaluating each nomination without bias.

How many PEOPLE can I nominate?

You may submit up to 3 nominations for 3 separate individuals.

How long will nominations be open?

The nomination period is from September 3rd through 17th. After the nomination period, the evaluation and selection process will begin. No late nominations will be accepted.

Can I nominate myself?

Simply put, no. We are using this opportunity to support and empower others, and we ask that you do the same.

How'd you choose the name?

Why 20?
Entrepreneurs and small business owners end up spending 80% of their time on uninspiring tasks, and only 20% on the reason they started a business in the first place—their superpower. No more. We want to encourage more of that 20%—the creativity, passion, and individual talent that leads to a life built on passion and purpose.

On The Rise
This list is not a space to see the ‘popular’ and ‘most liked’ faces that are frequently highlighted as celebrities in our industries, but rather to blaze a trail of fresh faces and new voices that deserve to be elevated. By intentionally leaving out a describer in the title, we open the door to encompass freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners who may self identify with one description over another.