Jocelyn Mathewes

Artist - Jocelyn Mathewes Imagemaker

I create mixed-media solar-powered art with botanical, celestial, and bodily themes.

What inspired you to start your business?

Early motherhood & the needs of my family -- being able to be present for my children while also providing for my family. I made a big shift from photographing weddings to creating fine art. This was inspired by the needs of my family and my health, and through that shift I've been able to achieve better quality of life.

What is something you would say to someone who is struggling in their first few years of business? Is there something you struggled with and learned from in those first few years?

When you have a business centered around creative work, it's important to have creativity on the business side of things just as much as in the work itself. Also: your own path may be different from someone else's, and it's important to make sure you're listening to what your own business needs rather than trying to follow someone else's system or pattern.

What I've learned through my chronic illness is to remember the person behind everything -- if you're not reaching out to a person, you're not making the connection or forming your actions around what's at the heart of things: our shared humanity.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

My family and my faith. Those are the anchors that inspire and center my work and life.