Fiona Minett

Founder - Boss Your PR

I am a Consumer PR Expert and PR Coach for female entrepreneurs and small business owners, empowering women to share their voices and get visible.My mission is to democratise PR, making it accessible by sharing savvy PR training and easy to action advice and support.

What inspired you to start your business?

I previously ran a PR agency which I started when I was 24 .I was young and ambitious and it was an incredible experience. Fast forward 6 years to a difficult pregnancy, a pre-term birth and PND. I couldn't go back to the pace of work that running an agency required so I had to find a new way of working. I was inspired to reach out to those businesses and start ups that were feeling alienated by the traditional PR agency model. These businesses couldn't afford or justify four figure sums each month to outsource PR but were no less in need of visibility and PR results. I would argue that they were more in need of this support to build the audience and build their business. For me, it then became my mission to find a way to serve these entrepreneurs by democratising PR and making it accessible.

My decade in PR was the starting point. I have been so motivated to share as much of my knowledge and experience as possible, because I know that the more I can share, the more I can teach, the more value I can give (whether 1-1 or free through my social media) the more entrepreneurs and small businesses are able to get visible and the more visibility they can achieve, the more likely their business is to thrive. I have been called 'evangelical' in the way I teach because I am just so passionate about enabling everyone to reap the rewards that PR can provide!

What is something you would say to someone who is struggling in their first few years of business? Is there something you struggled with and learned from in those first few years?

That you have to expect to make mistakes but to be able to turn them into positive learning experiences. Looking back now, I realise that there were mistakes I made when running my first business that I don't regret, because they have allowed me to make better decisions and have more confidence in what I have built with Boss Your PR. We never stop learning as business owners, or we shouldn't anyway.Keep investing in building your knowledge, whether that's in the 'how tos' of running a business or in expanding your own knowledge and leaning in your area of expertise. Set goals and work to them.This was something I struggled with in the early days; I didn't set goals which would leave me struggling to progress and wooly about what I wanted to achieve. Goals drive action and goals encourage confidence. Make them realistic but motivational and absolutely celebrate when you reach them.We could all do with celebrating our wins more.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

My daughter is my absolute number one - family time with her and my husband is my favourite thing whether watching a Disney film or going out on a walking adventure. Aside from that, my work really is genuinely one of my biggest passions because I am genuinely lucky enough to do something I love.I have a few causes that are close to my heart, including Dementia awareness. I host 'clothes swap' sales to raise money.Next year I also want to look at setting up a mentoring scheme or partnering with an initiative to support women into entrepreneurship.

Image credit: Headshot: Alexis Knight