Do-Hee Kim


I'm a Korean-American, San Francisco-based designer and co-founder of Shoppe Theory, a creative studio specializing in beautifully strategic solutions for retail clients. I believe in labors of love and doing good work with good people.

What are you best known for?

I'm best known for unapologetic uses of color in my design work. For better or for worse, I'm also known for getting myself into complex personal projects. Oy.

What or who has influenced your design aesthetic the most?

I studied art in college and spent many a late nights with paint, pencil, ink, paper, presses -- collaging, printing, drawing, painting. It was in the studio I discovered my affinity to color and bold shapes as an artist which has carried over into my work as a designer.

What inspired you to become a designer?

10 years ago, I could not have predicted I’d be a designer, let alone have my own creative studio. I went to college with law school in mind and never even dreamt of a creative career. Dartmouth didn’t even have a design program! I was a History major and decided to take art classes on a whim to balance my writing and reading-heavy class load. My studio art classes engaged me in ways I hadn’t anticipated, and I think I knew pretty early on that a creative practice was something that was going to be a part of my life. Lore has it that I woke up one morning and told my then boyfriend (now husband), “I’m going to be a designer!” and the rest is history... I certainly didn’t know what being a designer meant, but for whatever reason, my 21-year old brain thought it was the right combination of research, and visual and analytical problem solving. Turns out I wasn't completely wrong!