Laine Napoli


My name is Laine Napoli (a.k.a) "The Brand Gal," and I am the proud owner of a boutique design studio called Branding Addicts. Branding Addicts is strategically built for The Creative Boss in business. My mission in life is to inject passion, purpose, and life back into small businesses by branding bosses from the inside out.

What are you best known for?

I am best known for my creative eye for design, innovative ideas, and passion for bosses. I am an encourager at heart and my passion fuels my creativity in efforts to help bosses succeed in their businesses. My signature mood boards and brand boards are a staple to my business and have gained over 20k impressions on Pinterest. Clean, Modern, Authentic, and Classic is a design style that I strive for.

What or who has influenced your design aesthetic the most?

I am 100% a self taught designer. I started off in the photography industry and learned adobe creative suite by accident. From the very beginning of my design journey, I would spend hours upon hours on Pinterest, pinning styles that spoke directly to my heart. I typically shuffle back and forth between different designers and artists that inspire me. From the beginning I have always adored Salted Ink's portfolio. Along with this amazing artist, I was so attracted to Saffron Avenue as well. Both are so drastically different in styles, yet their art is so organic and unique. This is what fuels my passion to always push my creative boundaries and put out work that is original and authentic. Now, at this stage in my business, I gravitate towards that clean aesthetic of Rowan Made, the neutral warmth of The Identity Collective, and modern feel of Go Live HQ. I adore and admire each of these talented designers!

What inspired you to become a designer?

Definitely expressing the power of emotions and style through a visual medium. Before Branding Addicts, I was a serial entrepreneur. I started up 5 business from the time I graduated High School to when I graduated College. This was my personal journey to find what I was created for. After the excitement of building a business and getting bored, building another business and getting bored, I found myself getting caught up in this vicious and depressing cycle. I felt like such a failure because I was not satisfied with anything that I tried. It got to the point where I would tell all of my friends and family about a new and exciting business idea I had, to find them rolling their eyes at another one of Laine's dead end ventures. Then, it dawned on me. I had the most wonderful epiphany! I realized that, maybe these businesses were not just failed attempts? Maybe they meant something more? This was when I finally realized that I was specifically created... to create businesses. So what better way to create new and exciting business ideas, all the time, than branding? This is where I realized that my past failures lead me to my current and greatest success. I am strategically wired to create, almost like a creative form of ADD that needs to be released. Design runs in my blood. I am gifted with creative vision and a seemingly never ending flow of innovative ideas. My passion is for The Creative Boss in business. My business is not just a career choice, my business is my purpose in life. Branding Addicts is built on helping bosses across the globe, align their passions with their purpose in order to build a brand, a legacy, that inspires others to do the same. You were not created by accident Boss, but by strategic design. Never stop chasing your passion so that you can fulfill your purpose. Do what you were created to do!