Naoma Serna-Zahn


I am the Founder + Creative Director of Nuevo Studio. We are a boutique branding studio that focuses on helping female entrepreneurs find their confidence in their business through intentional design.

What inspired you to start your business?

I live in a very Red/Conservative state and noticed that all of the design was the same and catered to the same people (AKA white males) being half Mexican and a female I saw a lack of diverse design and options for people who were like me. After a freelancing gig with one of my first clients, she told me that I was the 4th person she had met and was the only one that would take the time to take her and her business seriously. I noticed the people running agencies or being creative directors were primarily white males and that the care to women in business or diverse people was always shoved to the side. I am one of 4 agencies in Oklahoma City that is founded by a woman and am the only studio in time that truly caters primarily to women entrepreneurs. Their voices need to be taken seriously. I am here to do just that.

What is something you would say to someone who is struggling in their first few years of business? Is there something you struggled with and learned from in those first few years?

Not being scared to say no to things that don't fit your values. Being a creative it's very easy for people to underestimate or undervalue the service and knowledge you provide. Standing your ground and knowing your value has been crucial to finding the clients who were our ideal clients.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

I am a major traveler. I live by work hard//play hard. I also believe traveling helps keep me humble and reminds me of my humanity. I also love to cook and find myself cooking extravagant meals on a Tuesday night as a way to unwind from the crazy schedule of the day.

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