Salma Sheriff


I am a Brand Strategist and Web designer and I create captivating Brands that Connect and Websites that Convert. I am an Engineering postgraduate following my passion for Design & Coaching to help other Passionate and Committed entrepreneurs launch their Profitable & Automated Online Business, help them create their Dream Life, be financially free and location independent.

What are you best known for?

I am Best known for Branding and Web designing. I have also been featured on Various Podcasts where I have shared my area of Expertise on Importance of Branding, Organic Marketing and Sales Funnel strategy.

What or who has influenced your design aesthetic the most?

I am very active on Social Media and all Top Companies and even Personal Brands have influenced me. Social Media Graphics (especially on Instagram), Marketing materials, Signage and quotes on Shops & Restaurants and every detail I see when I visit someplace inspires me. Sometimes, the tools I use also have some exciting new designs and studies to learn from. And in that pool, also comes in FEW Amazing and talented fellow designers who share their work. And my client's also pitch-in their Valuable Ideas and in combination with my design skills, we create something truly magical with they Love. It's not 1 but it's an entire package (I would say) that inspires and influences my Design work and Process.

What inspired you to become a designer?

During my Hobby Project (Crochet) I learnt a lot about how important Branding, Online Presence and Social Media is for an Online Business to thrive and excel. With this clarity and realization, I merged my passion and education (Master of Engineering in Computer Science) to start my own Brand Strategy and Web Design Studio with a Motive to help passionate entrepreneurs like me build a strong foundation online. Since then, I have been helping entrepreneurs build and uplevel their online business through business strategy, brand identity and Web design.