Stefani Lefler


I've been coding since I was 12 years old and now get to bring brands to life on custom websites. I love collaborating with other creatives for each client to make their project the best it can be. I also love embracing my nerdy side with GIFs, all things Apple, and board games.

What are you best known for?

Definitely websites! I just relaunched to truly focus on just sites and I eliminated branding from my services. But I believe this shift (and new terrain, most developers don't design the sites and creating strategies for websites isn't really done as the norm) will not only bring me more joy but I have more time for more projects, helping as many people as I can feel confident when linking their site.

What or who has influenced your design aesthetic the most?

I am inspired by editorial layouts, the movement and balance of florals, and stationery, especially invitations for weddings. I love the way typography is used in magazines, they try such unique hierarchy and positioning. Florals are just so wild and can't be put into a single shape, I'm most drawn to very organic bouquets that let the flowers speak for themselves. I think outside the box on what a website can look like when thinking of the flow. I also love looking at stationery, with vellum, torn edges, etc. They help me think of ways to bring depth, layering, and softer edges to such a digital medium.

What inspired you to become a designer?

I'd been drawing, filling notebooks with fashion and house designs (my first dream jobs), and just creating from an early age. That and reading books helped me to escape, become someone new, find a new world. When I got a little older, I felt that through design specifically, I could still create but for a purpose. Helping someone feel like a legit business owner and be more confident to go out there and make money is the best feeling. Working in an industry or field that gets you excited to wake up on a Monday can't be bottled. No matter if someone is a business owner or not, I truly believe everyone should be able to feel that way.