Daniela VillaRamos


Daniela VillaRamos is a Love Storyteller and Wedding Officiant for adventurous non-traditional couples who want to kickstart their wedding with a kickass ceremony. Her mission is simple: spread love, laugh lots, and breathe heartfelt fun into wedding ceremonies one love story at a time! Crafted with the personal touch of a close friend, Daniela's ceremonies are full of heart, laughter, and happy tears.

What accomplishments would you like to share?

My greatest accomplishments collide my personal AND professional worlds - my love for my family AND my work as a wedding officiant. For instance, I count myself incredibly lucky that my sister has joined Once Upon A Vow as a fellow love storyteller this June. We've talked about us joining forces as sister officiants for quite a while and this dream finally became a reality just a couple of months after we surprised our parents with a vow renewal ceremony for their 40th wedding anniversary. Co-officiating our parents' ceremony in both English and Spanish, writing their vows to each other, and celebrating with our family was an epic experience. One that allowed us to express how much we appreciate our folks for being our marriage inspiration! In short, they're the cutest and we hope to have what they have after 40 married years. *fingers crossed*

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

"Dear Younger Self, Hear me out for a sec and try not to roll your eyes. Ya gotta stop, chica! Stop stifling your magic. Stop doubting your awesomeness. Stop questioning your self-worth, dulling your creativity, shrinking yourself to fit into whatever boring box you think you ""should"" fit into. Just stop! Stop all the negative self-talk and start loving the ins and outs of yourself! I know it's hard! It's hard to see yourself as enough. It's hard to feel worthy when the world has taught you to feel less than. But you're not alone. Far from it! You have a community of sisters, of creatives, of oddballs who color outside the lines, and even when you struggle to feel like you belong - you inspire others by simply being yourself. Use your voice, share your ideas, be brave, stay inspired, trust yourself, and push through the challenges. You've got this! Lots of love. xoxo, Future You"

What inspired you to become an event professional?

I'm a lover of rom coms, Disney, and writing. Even though I don't believe that "happily ever after" begins once a couple gets married - I do believe in the awesome feel-good power of love and the work it takes to keep that love alive. But it was in my non-profit life, where I wore many hats, that drove me to find inspiration outside of the world of grant writing and fundraising so I began writing vows and toasts for friends and family until one day I wrote a ceremony for a friend. Initially, I thought I'd simply offer writing services, but when I officiated my first ceremony on my own wedding anniversary in my favorite park - Prospect Park - I knew I found the greatest job in the world! That was the beginning of it all." What’s something you do at your business that’s "weird" and not commonly done? Not sure if this is weird, but I send my couples' a Thank You card for welcoming me into their world as their wedding officiant and a Happy Anniversary card on their first wedding anniversary. Most recently, I've also been sending them temporary tattoos 'coz why not?