Erica Cote


I'm a mom, wife, friend, supporter, and business owner. My mission is to bring beauty to women while living the values of Silver Immersion (Equality, Diversity, Individuality, Courage, and Confidence). I strive to grow and be more of the change I hope to blossom in others with love and empowerment!

What accomplishments would you like to share?

The women that choose us, trust us. They trust us to be vulnerable in their skin with who they are. They show up and allow us to take care of them. And that accomplishment, trust, is the best thing we could ever receive.

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

Don't stress. None of it is that important. Just be the best version of yourself today, and you'll be A-OK. It's all a lesson and will make you stronger and full of wisdom to share.

What inspired you to become an event professional?

I loved interacting with brides and getting a place to provide stress relief to women at an integral point in their lives. Beginning a new chapter and morphing into your next version of yourself can sometimes come with a lot of emotional challenges, so being a voice of calm while making them laugh and feel comfortable came easy to me. Over time, I realized how what was just hair and makeup to some was a way for me to touch lives. And I wouldn't have it any other way.