Kim Baker Gomez


Early childhood educator by day, makeup artist on nights and weekends, plant and self-care obsessed 100% of the time. I love connecting with people to help them feel good and be the best version of themselves no matter their age.

What accomplishments would you like to share?

I am most proud of the fact that I've created a life where I can be successful in both of my passions- as an early childhood educator and as a wedding professional. Every single day of my life I am touching people in an important way. But the coolest opportunity I've had in my makeup career has been to not only be a makeup artist in the shoot, but walk through the Winchester Mystery House! Not to mention that my work is currently hanging on the house for all to see!

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

It's not going to work out the way you want, but it'll be better- so relax!

What inspired you to become an event professional?

I kind of got pulled into weddings when I met my mentor at esthetician school, and loved bridal suites immediately. But, it wasn't until my own wedding that I truly understood my why. That deep joyous overflowing feeling of love. It is THE single most important emotion in this entire world. I not only get to be around it, but to be a part of it. I get to enhance the feeling. I am quite honestly addicted.