Rica Sunga-Kwan


I’m a mother, wife, and an ice cream maker! I combined my design background and love of food to create my own, made from scratch ice cream brand that I serve at pop ups and events.

What accomplishments would you like to share?

Our business has been featured on Eater SF and ABC News all within the first two years of business. And on a personal level, my husband and I had a baby during our second year of business. He has provided us with further motivation to succeed.

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

To think big picture and to remember that everything comes in seasons.

What inspired you to become an event professional?

It all started with my love for ice cream. Ice cream for me symbolizes nostalgia, memorable events filled with positive feelings. Events are just that. Weddings, birthday parties, picnics, are all moments in time filled with so much happiness and camaraderie. Being part of someone's most memorable and happiest experiences is an honor.