Kim Lyn Chauvin


Hey, my name is Kim and my whole heart is empowering women whether that be through photography or just through an Instagram caption. Making those connections has completely changed my life for the better and I hope to make a difference in women's lives everywhere. I am a small business owner of Kim Lyn Photography while raising a blended family of my son, my husband's three sons, and my niece and two of my nephews.

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

It would be to love and value yourself no matter what anyone else tells you. You have this one life to not let the negativity that other people push on you determine who you are. It took me years to undo all of the hurt and abuse that I've been through. If I would have loved myself and valued myself from the beginning maybe I wouldn't have had to go through those things. It's okay to love yourself and do things for yourself. Follow your dreams and never give up on them. This is YOUR life. Live it YOUR way with positive people around you. If you have the chance, empower someone else along the way. "Community over competition always"

What is the most unique or special place you’ve worked/done a shoot?

Honestly, right in my bedroom when I was first starting in boudoir photography. A few of my dear friends trusted me to photograph them in such a vulnerable way. My style of boudoir is a little different from most I've seen. It's soft and comfortable instead of sexy and for a man. My boudoir sessions are for her. In my bedroom my love for helping women was born. During these sessions I've had women crying after I've shown them an image. We talk about our insecurities and our fears. We hug and share our dreams. I've had women come to me after years in an abusive relationship and to see the change in them after we have talked just makes my heart so full. Not only have I been able to help them but they have helped me overcome so much of my own insecurities and fears.

What inspired you to become an image maker?

I was always the friend at the party with a camera. I'm sentimental, romantic, and love to see people around me laughing. When I became a mom that passion for preserving every moment intensified. I wanted to remember every little fleeting detail. But I didn't have the passion for business until my own wedding. I had a friend photograph my boudoir session and my wedding. I stumbled upon Jasmine Star and her story inspired me. My husband bought me my first DSLR and told me to follow my dreams. Then I photographed every friend I could find. My business started with boudoir but transitioned into weddings and now I'm finding my way back to my true heart with boudoir. These images aren't just fleeting moments. They are my clients overcoming obstacles, facing their fears, learning to love themselves. I just had a breast cancer survivor in the studio and it makes me realize how much of a difference these images make.