LaJune King


I am a bawse ass family photographer who loves to photograph families who look like my own. I also empower women + mentor teens to OWN who they are.

What inspired you to start your business?

Having a DSLR strictly for vacations, then friends wanting photos taken, I found out that I could make money doing it + it was something I LOVED doing.

What is something you would say to someone who is struggling in their first few years of business? Is there something you struggled with and learned from in those first few years?

We all start somewhere. Stand for something. Identify who you are as a businessperson. Set your own tone for your business. Avoid following the trend or someone else's style. If you don't, it'll take you that much longer to find yourself. Lastly, invest in yourself, so clients will invest in you.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

Changing what society narrates about black men + everything Black Excellence. My son and his peers need to see these examples daily. My husband is the epitome of Black Excellence. I will die before I allow the world to paint him in a different light. I'm also rooting for females. We are the future. We need to validate one another. I support every female that I can. I love teaching my children that giving back is standard for those who can. So, we do.

Image Credit: photosbyLJK, LLC,, @photosbyLJK