Mark Clennon


After quitting his job as a tech account executive, Mark Clennon is now an NYC based photographer who specializes in commercial, lifestyle and editorial photography.

If you could tell your younger self something you’ve learned along the way, what would you say?

Never be afraid of looking like a beginner.

What is the most unique or special place you’ve worked/done a shoot?

The most unique place that I've photographed was the Batcave in Los Angeles, provided to me by Peerspace.

What inspired you to become an image maker?

My mission as an artist is to raise our collective self-esteem by illustrating our fantasies, fears and idiosyncrasies of life that makes us human. If a person can relate to an image, it immediately gives them a sense of community. Simply knowing that you’re not alone and the feelings with in you are valid can help you feel better about your own journey.