Alejandra Magana


I began my business by looking for a creative outlet while having my first full time job as a high school Ceramics teacher. I only have minimal experience with clay, so this challenged me to push myself; I began to learn while also teaching ceramics and I fell in love with the medium and haven't looked back since. We believe art is correlated to experience, and therefore I fuse my love for Mexican culture and artisanal crafts and contemporary design with ceramics.

What makes you stand out in the maker community?

I think I'm best known for the colorful mugs and cups I make. I make different lines of ceramics but I'm known for my line series and floral series. Also, I feel like I stand out because I'm reinterpreting traditional Mexican craftsmanship to our contemporary aesthetic

Tell us about your work and the projects you are currently working on.

I'm currently working on expanding my line of products, but also working on getting an art studio space in Sacramento with a gas kiln access to the community. I definitely have the urge to teach ceramics and for Sacramento to have a space that offers a space to create, and to teach different ceramic techniques, firings, glazes would be a great contribution to the art community that is growing

Who is your favorite contemporary artist or maker?

My favorite contemporary artist is Victoria Villasana, she's a textile artist whose art is about cultures and the human spirit, looking at how people relate to each other in a fragmented post-digital world.

What inspired you to become a maker?

Life experiences have inspired me to become a maker. I've always known that my purpose on this earth was to make, but I feel like life's experiences are what you make of them and I have to voice those experiences through art.