Denise Larson


I'm a designer and dream maker, creating patterns and projects for healing and personal growth. I live in my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin with my husband and teenage son. When I'm not meditating or practicing yoga, I love to travel, garden and I've just taken up curling.

What makes you stand out in the maker community?

My work is so unique and eye-catching, but my love for others and their stories is what people remember. I draw out the spark inside and allow others to explore what they need to heal themselves. There is something so tangible about ripping apart fabric to relieve anger or gently stitching together antique linens into pillows. I am passionate about life and my work allows me to share that in my community.

Tell us about your work and the projects you are currently working on.

"I work with families who have lost their person to create something meaningful out of clothing or special fabric. A recent project was making 8 aprons out of a father's shirts for the family that made salsa together. I also took the tractor t-shirts of a farmer who recently passed and made pillows for newborn grandchildren in the family. I've recently designed a line of items to teach children in meditation and yoga classes about chakra energy centers and the power of crystals. The fleece chakra monsters and crystal critters are used in classes and private studios to introduce these ideas in a fun, creative way."

Who is your favorite contemporary artist or maker?

My friend and fellow Wisconsin Artist Scott Menzel. He is completely restricted to a wheelchair and suffers a debilitating illness however he continues to seek ways to share his heart through his digital paintings.

What inspired you to become a maker?

"My mother had an art gallery in her twenties and has always encouraged me to design and create anything I could dream of. When I began painting and art-journaling in a women's retreat in 2015, it sparked the light inside and I just couldn't return to run the shipping company I was working for. I launched Wisconsin Sewing Company making aprons that reminded me of my grandmother, and listened to my heart for what needed to come next."