Taylor Lee


I am a bright and color-obsessed artist with a passion for challenging the stigma surrounding mental illness through my abstract paintings. I create manic art for the wild at heart using my bipolar disorder as a SUPERPOWER. I help other artists feel fulfilled creatively and to own their unique identity as an artist.

What makes you stand out in the maker community?

I think it's my point of view on mental illness. I'll use a quote from a friend to help me out with this question: "Rather than allowing her mental illness to hinder her creative endeavors, she allows it to fuel them. I have never come across another artist that does this. I believe this is what sets Taylor's art apart in the most beautiful way. It draws people in close and says, 'You are not alone, and what you think constricts you actually has the potential to be your greatest superpower.'"

Tell us about your work and the projects you are currently working on.

"I talked a lot about my work in the previous question, and I don't want to be redundant, so I'll talk about my current projects! I just submitted a book proposal that I hope will get accepted and published toward the end of 2019. ""Let’s Paint Together!"" is a visually arresting book that empowers its readers (ahem, artists) to own their creativity. Through practical exercises, pop culture references, and deep-dive journaling prompts, readers will finish this book emboldened to own their identity as an artist. Readers will learn practical lessons in color theory and composition before they are invited to become the artist through whimsical prompts centered around self-expression. Artistic skill isn’t a prerequisite for this book. This book is informational, practical, and most of all - fun! All prompts promote healing through creativity. They include scribbling, painting with your eyes closed, and incorporating music, just to name a few! I originally wrote these prompts for artists struggling with mental illness, but I believe that any human who wants to create can benefit from these exercises, as those without diagnosed mental illness still experience stress, anxiety, and depressed days. A major theme of this book is personal growth and creativity, meeting the reader wherever they are artistically and emotionally, and guiding them toward transformation in both. Another project I'm working on is transforming my know-how into a course. So many artists struggle with finding their voice as an artist, and also how to make money while doing it. I'm not a complete expert yet - I'm still early in my career - but I do have a lot of wisdom from my own experiences that I'd be happy to share! I think that a course is the best way to deliver this material because being a successful artist/entrepreneur has many different moving parts that are hard to capture completely via Instagram captions or a blog. I can do this well with my one-one-one coaching clients, but I want to make something that is accessible to more people."

Who is your favorite contemporary artist or maker?

I'm obsessed with Ana Leovy's artwork. She creates these gorgeous scenes of women with a heavy theme of body positivity and female empowerment.

What inspired you to become a maker?

My grandmother. She was extremely creative and encouraged me to be as well. Grandma would build birdhouses from scratch and paint them, or paint alongside of Bob Ross on the PBS channel.