Verena Fay


I am an Artist and Soul Mentor living in the countryside near to the lovely city of Salzburg. Last year I fully dedicated to living my dream as a full-time artist, what became the most beautiful journey I could ever dream of. Each day I am one step closer to my vision, one step closer owing my power and bringing it into the world.

What makes you stand out in the maker community?

I am combining art-making and energy-healing, in my courses and in my paintings. I help people to re-center to their true self. I have special skills that help me creating a sacred space and I have a lot of ancient wisdom on energies and aura-healing. I want them to learn to use their innate creative power, to believe in themselves, in their call. My dream is to build a community of strong souls and together we transform the world into a joyful one.

Tell us about your work and the projects you are currently working on.

I am about to launch my Art&Soul School in September and am totally excited about this to happen so soon. This was a big dream of mine since ever, to train people to believe in themselves, to find self-love and self-respect and to then act out of a new consciousness and confidence. They learn this through the creative process and my guidance with energy-healing and aura-healing.

Who is your favorite contemporary artist or maker?

I am inspired by so many of my artist colleagues on Instagram. I am constantly inspired by Flora Bowley and I love Alena Hennessy. They are both doing important work sharing their courses. But the ones I really look up to are my students, often they have never painted and they take a brush, go through the meditation and show their most beautiful self on a painting. So naturally. This really blows my mind in a so good good way.

What inspired you to become a maker?

I had this call since I was a little girl. There was nothing other that I wanted to become when I would have grown up. This turned out a little different in the beginning but now I am here living my childhood dream. I love to create and to transform energies. And I love to see the reaction on peoples faces when they come in touch with my artwork. This puts a smile on my face and in my heart.