Allison Evelyn Gower

Branding Coach & Copywriting Strategist - Allison Evelyn, Inc.

I show women entrepreneurs how to finally "get" what makes people buy from them and unleash their personality through words. My clients and students go from lost on websites and launch copy - to attracting dream clients with "this sounds like me!" copy.

What inspired you to start your business?

While working in production - meeting with agencies, running around on sets and talking into my walkie talkie as a producer - I met the guy who got to write the words for an ad we were shooting.

I had no idea what a copywriter was...

That writing powerful words that connect with others was a career.

As soon as that inspiration came, I began researching "how to become a freelance writer". Once my gut was non-stop giddy, all-consumed by daydreams of being a copywriter, I knew this was the path. I had to start my own business doing THAT. 

What is something you would say to someone who is struggling in their first few years of business? Is there something you struggled with and learned from in those first few years?

Invest in the business coach or mentor you idol. If you want to have a business like someone on Instagram, look for an opportunity to learn from them.

The reason my business has made such massive shifts in the past year is because I finally stepped up for my own brand and invested in masterminds.

My first investment was a mastermind with the copywriter I idoled. Creepily stalker status here.

Now, not only has she referred clients to me - she's hired me for projects AND given me confidence to believe I can grow this as a business...not a freelancer.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

Hip hop, yoga sculpt and long walks are my forever obsessions. They also fuel business success. Going to my Friday 5 pm cardio hop or a 4 mile walk with a gal pal refresh my brain and bring me back to Zoom calls with new energy.

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