Jessmina Archbold


Minaa B. is a licensed psychotherapist based in NYC. She is also a mental health and self-care advocate, writer and author of the book, Rivers Are Coming. Her work is inspired by her own journey through mental health and when Minaa isn't reading, writing or working, she's out taking ridiculous selfies, visiting coffee shops and asking people tough questions like, how are you doing today?

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

I believe we should all read books and imagine our lives as fictional characters from our favorite stories. There is beauty in imagination and sometimes we forget to use it. With that being said, reading and writing are two of my most passionate things. I also spend time reflecting through journaling, exercising and bike riding, going to museums, and having self-care Sunday's while at brunch. I am also truly passionate about mental health, and advocacy within the African-American community regarding racial trauma and the effects it has on a community I belong to. I desire to bring greater awareness to this issue and to also be a voice to those who feel too tired to heal because they're too busy fighting for their humanity.

What’s something you do at your business that’s "weird" and not commonly done?

What's ironic, is that my job is to help others live in their truth and practice vulnerability, yet when I do those thing as a professional, it's weird and odd. As a psychotherapist, the rule is that I remain discreet about my private life. Sharing my truth is bad for business. We are taught in school that we shouldn't self-disclose and that it'll affect the relationships that we build with our clients. I tried it, and let me tell you, I hate it. The one thing that moves me forward is teaching other's how to live their best lives by being firmly planted in their truth and to not be ashamed of who they are or what they've been through. I can't imagine not being able to practice what I preach. I am not ashamed of my past, or the painful experiences that I've faced that inevitably led me to this field of work. So I will continue to be odd, weird and strange for being a person who is vocal about her shortcomings, her fears, and her battles. I will continue to do what isn't so commonly done, which is practicing the power of being unashamed of my truth.

What inspired you to start your business?

Being able to call myself a business owner is quite unique since my name is my brand. I never sought out for that to happen, it just did. I started off writing for the Huffington Post, and eventually began submitting guest posts to other blogs and my name began to spread within the wellness community. I now offer mental health consultation to organizations and I am also a speaker and has been invited to sit on panels or to speak on various topics surrounding mental health and self-care. Though I never saw this coming my way when I first began blogging, I am truly blessed that this is the direction my life went in.