LaShanta Green


At my core, I’m a creator and connector who believes in implementing strategy, structure, and style in everything I do. I work with businesses and individuals to navigate purpose-fueled paths in a practical, prosperous way.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

My personal and professional interests overlap greatly. While I don’t try to monetize everything I do, I often find the things I’m passionate about lead to me pursuing them in a more professional manner. I love consuming great content. I’ve built up a pretty massive library and I love fitting in time to learn new things. I am also very dedicated to giving back and finding ways to serve my community, as a collective and on individual basis. I love any opportunity to leverage my skills to be a resource for those who often go unseen, unheard, and unnoticed and undeserved. I’m extremely passionate about getting to know people on a deeper level and tell their stories. The most rewarding part is when I can tell their story back to them and help them see just how much the have accomplished and how capable they are of turning their dreams into doing.

What’s something you do at your business that’s "weird" and not commonly done?

I’m pretty sure I do more weird than usual in my business in lots of little ways. The strangest would be the way I approach and seek counsel. It’s always great to get feedback, however, sometimes friends and family tend to hold back to spare feelings. I’m a tough-love approach kind of personality, so I welcome all types of feedback. To get the constructive criticism I need, I take inspiration from comedy. I make a strategic social event out of getting insights on ideas by having a roast session for potential projects. The casual approach allows for a fun and informative way for me to get different perspectives from the people I trust most.

What inspired you to start your business?

I didn’t grow up with a lot, but I had enough. Even as a child, I craved choices and could comprehend that to have more options in life, my creativity, not the status quo, would steer me in the direction to achieve and obtain everything I desired. It was that realization that led me on my entrepreneurial journey. While other kids I grew up with were dependent on chore money to get what they wanted, I was turning my childhood bedroom window into a “bike-thru” selling snacks and sandwiches. Creating opportunities for myself and others followed me into adulthood. When I felt stagnant and stuck in my career, I realized I could only carry the feelings of overwhelm and underwhelm for so long. I sat down and made a list of all of the obstacles I and others around me faced and brainstormed how I would seek solutions and become a professional problem solver.