Naomi Hattaway


I am the founder of 8th & Home Real Estate and Relocation, a nation-wide referral network matching families on the move with real estate professionals who chase communities and not commissions. Our clients are on a search for communities where they can thrive and flourish, and we love being along for that ride! I also founded I Am A Triangle, a community with thousands of globally located members with one thing in common – they’ve lived around the world, away from their passport countries.

What hobbies, causes, or activities are you passionate about aside from your work?

Gardening. There is just something about the beauty of "hands in dirt" that I love love love. I volunteer for a local aging adult community (coloring, singing, and often times, just sitting and listening) as well as am the current Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action in Nebraska - a national effort to end gun violence. I'm SUPER passionate about supporting our local community and shop local ... as an obsession.

What’s something you do at your business that’s "weird" and not commonly done?

We don't pay for advertising, buy leads or cold call. That's super "weird" in the traditional real estate industry. We prefer to fully invest in one client at a time, as opposed to chasing the next deal while we're still owed a diligent responsibility to our current client. It's kind of a "love the one you're with" mentality! We often say we "chase community, not commissions." We also do a deep dive with our buyers in that we look past the normal "wish list" like style of home, square feet, and layout of the kitchen and instead ask our clients to do what's called a Moving Matrix - where we identify what the whole family needs in terms of a community, local climate and culture, and work backwards from there. It's not conventional but it's a thing of beauty.

What inspired you to start your business?

My husband actually brought the inspiration! After moving (a lot!!), he grew tired of my whinging about how I felt the industry could be done better (relocation globally and traditional real estate). He said "you should just start a business" and I did! I've gone through several iterations of working through mistakes, bad decisions and even some hard lessons about bringing on other people to work with me, but I fully accept the challenges and have learned so much from it all!